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January 21, 2014 - My Dream Girl (Sexually Speaking That Is :-))

DISCLAIMER - Aside from my attending Job Corps in the Mid 1980s, the following story is FICTION based on an Erotic Dream I had last night. In other words - IT DID NOT HAPPEN & IS #NOT BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS during my stay in the Job Corps program

That out of the way, it all goes like this....


I had this VERY erotic dream last night

I dreamed of my days when I was in Job Corps (For those who don't know, that's a place where you can get education to learn a trade or (For those who need it) for a GED or High School Diploma). I was there mainly for the trade as I already had a diploma but couldn't afford to go to a REGULAR trade school, let alone college. She was there because she had issues in her past which impeded her ability to graduate HS like I did

Both of us were doing well in the program. In fact, we were doing so well, we were close to graduating the program

She was there before I arrived. When I arrived, she was already on track (And IN DANGER) of adding Job Corps to the list of things she'd fail at

But then, something almost (What could be best described as) "Magical" seemed to happen with her. And it began shortly after the two of us met

When we first met, she thought she could pull the same act on me as she had with everyone else. Yet when she didn't get the same reaction everyone gave, she knew she had found her man. Ironically, the problem was, I was (And still am) a stickler for the rules & regs like some other corpsmembers & the entire staff. Because of this, she tested me MANY times (Almost to the point of DRIVING ME NUTS)

The girl was in every way my dream girl - PHYSICALLY SPEAKING !!! However, she carried around (What could be best described as )this Jenna Haze persona (For those who don't know, Jenna Haze is a porn star) about her. For the time (Mid 1980s), she was WAY ahead of her time. This proved to be problematic - Both for her & those tasked with the duty of educating her

Beyond the Jenna Haze persona, she was as normal as any next door girl would be. THAT is the girl I would eventually fall in love with (In more ways than just sexually too)

Yet she had heard (And subtlely noticed) that I too had a "Naughty" side as well (I would often be caught either fondling my cock or jerking it off at night by staff & other dorm leaders & was often written up for masturbation, a minor infraction compared to having sex (This part IS real & true IRL too). One night, one of my buddies (Who also happened to be a dorm leader) asked me WHY I was doing it. Needless to say, I confessed - THE WHOLE THING !!! He COMPLETELY understood THEN & that was the end of it as far as HE was concerned, however staff continued to write me up for it though). But since we were in love & she didn't want to ruin that, she once again rolled out her Jenna Jaze persona - But this time GRADUALLY

By this time, we were so much in love & so committed to our relationship, we wanted to consummate it by having sex. But because sex on campus was A NO-NO (Such activity resulted in a write-up if we were caught. A write-up is a NEGATIVE report placed in your file which everyone rightfully HATES to receive FOR ANYTHING), we knew we HAD to be VERY careful NOT ONLY with the places we picked as our "Private" areas but also HOW we went about expressing our sexual desires (Afterall, it wasn't exactly like she could just get down on her knees & give me a blowjob while we were in the dining hall line before it opened ya know. THAT would STICK OUT like a SORE THUMB & BE ALL TOO OBVIOUS !!! :) #LOL )

In other words, it all depended on the place & the environment we were in. If we were in the mess hall line waiting to get in, we could do nothing more than play kissy face & fondle one another. Ditto with the dorm day rooms. Dorm Bay Areas (AKA Bedrooms), bathroom & laundry areas were also OFF LIMITS

Other areas that were off limits were.....

* Rec Hall (Too populated)

* Dining Hall (Though we could get away with SOME smooching & under-the-table groping of each other & sex talk (The latter only if we were alone))

* Administration Building, warehouse, Officer Of The Day Building (Adminstration Building at night), Education & trade buildings (Obvious reasons)

* Gym (Basketball court too open, though other parts of the place were relatively secluded however)

I mean we REALLY had to be careful. Add this to the fact that by this time, both of us were in positions of trust (I was manager of the gym, she was co-manager of the more popular recreation hall) & the stakes couldn't be higher. It wasn't a Teacher-Student thing as we were both in the same boat & of legal age as far as that was concerned so that was never an issue BUT we both had A LOT to lose if we ever got caught

I think I've posted enough to wet your appetitie & sexual fantasies for now. What I'm ASSUMING will be the conclusion will be posted later (Like later on tonight after letting you guys work up your imaginations a little :) )

Till then.....Laters peeps :)

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June 22, 2012 - My Most Recent Trip To The Adult Pleasures Store.....

Went to the local adult pleasures store yesterday (I won't say which one) & took my old men's vibrator with me to see if they had a new one of the same model (Or something similar to it). Turned out they didn't (I think the model has been discontinued since I bought the one had over a year ago) BUT I found some other items which I found interest in for possible future purchases

One was men's vibrators that looked more like those made for women. They ranged in price anywhere from about $20 to about $60. Another item was a nice looking (Yet obviously fake) BIG woman's ass (I forget which porn star's ass the box said it was but nevertheless it was big). As I saw it, I thought to myself that I knew I couldn't get my cock inside the small petite ass (Which was also on display just below the big one) EVEN IF I lubed it up like a fuckin' oil slick BUT I figured I MIGHT have a shot at getting it inside the big one though

If that didn't work, I'd still buy it anyway as it would make a GREAT cam show prop (I like big asses ESPECIALLY if they have TATTOOS on the cheeks :) )

Speaking of cam show props, that leads me to the next item I was attracted to - A nice set of (Obviously fake) BOOBS (Yes Vinnie, there is such a thing :) ) !!!!!

What would I (A guy!) do with a set of FAKE female boobs you ask? Simple. TIT FUCK SIMULATION !!!!!

When not used for that, I'd use them as something to cum on (I'd like to have SOMETHING other than the floor to dump my cum on (Either on or off cam). They (Along with my Android running DroidCam or a wireless webcam) could also be used for some POV & reverse POV shots too (I wouldn't use my MicroSHIT "HD" 5000 webcam for this because it's too sensitive to movement & wired webcams in general pose a plethora of other technical issues in addition to being sensitive to movement which I'd rather avoid if possible)

Back to the fake boobs again, I could also perhaps put them on the desk (Or as close to it as possible) & make it look as though I'm Tit-Fucking some hot bitch using reverse POV with my laptop's built-in cam or a side angle with my Microshit cam or whatever cam I get to replace it

Anyway.....To summarize my trip yesterday, I not only didn't find the vibrator I was looking, I didn't even have the $$$ to buy any of the ones that were there (I plan to get TWO of the $20 jobs next month) BUT as I said before, I DID find some other items of interest for possible future purchase though

So that's it in a nutshell. Laters all :)

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September 14, 2011 - Voyeur Or Peeping Tom?

One day I woke up with a hard on & my hand playing with it. In fact, my hands were ALL OVER IT

As I was waking up, I realized I was uttering dirty talk like I usually do when I'm awake but in a whisper tone of voice. I was name-calling & using other otherwise foul language wording

As I was doing this, I quickly noticed (What sounded like) SOMEONE TALKING TO ME !!!!! The sound was coming from my patio

My bed is in the middle of the room but within the length of my feet as you get up from the left side to the bedroom window, which was open due to it being summertime (Although the curtains were closed)

When I heard & recognized this, my first thought was How could they know what I'm doing? The curtains to the bedroom window which leads to my apartment patio (Which can be accessed directly from street level as I live on the first floor) were CLOSED !! My next thought was Were they looking through the crack that seperates the curtains & were able to see me?

I mean, this woman (I know it was a woman because the voice was female) was (Seemingly) alone & was (Again seemingly) egging me on. Furthermore, it sounded like SHE WAS STANDING ON THE PATIO !!! It even went so far as her saying something like Hey bigboy !! I forget the rest of what she said in that sentence

Anyhow, just to be sure I wasn't somehow being watched, I took my hands COMPLETELY OFF my cock & stopped all erotic activity altogether. When I did this, the woman went away & life returned to normal

Not sure just who exactly she was talking to but it did sound kinda strange indeed

I normally don't mind being watched (In fact, that's why I have the cam streams) but when you start hearing sounds from strangers like what I described above, it makes you stop & think (If not think twice) EVEN IF you're half asleep

In short, I found the experience both a little creepy, yet also a little erotic, which is why I'm sharing it with you now :)

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